Making a Difference

At Awe Delight, we believe that when people are engaged in a satisfying endeavor and are economically independent, they will have no time to harbor hate, they will spread more love, more wealth and be a blessing to other people.  As a result, the world will be a better place. 

We are supporting efforts to help impoverished women rise out of poverty, primarily rural women engaged in shea nut collection.  Why did we decide to support shea nuts collectors?  For one, shea butter, which is derived from shea nuts, has a long list of benefits (more on that in a minute) and a huge economic potential.  However, impoverished rural women, who are vital to the shea butter value chain, make very little money for the long hours they spend in the wild trying to collect the shea nuts.  Many die from snake bites.  To make matters worse, the yield of the shea trees has been declining because of tree age and agricultural activities, meaning the shea nut collectors are working longer and longer hours each year in order to collect enough shea nuts. So it is important to help improve their working conditions, help them get a reasonable return for their efforts and encourage them so they can continue to bring shea butter to the world.     

Shea butter is a fabulous product for healthy skin and more It has the highest healing fraction (Vitamin A, E, F, cinnamic acid and its derivatives) of any vegetable oil.  Because of this, shea butter is very effective at taking care of many conditions such as eczema, muscle aches, itching, skin irritation, minor burns, small skin wounds, skin allergies, chaps, insect bites, frostbite and diaper rash.