Our Story


We believe that mothers deserve the best and deserve to be pampered.  They have the hardest job in the world and we agree with this quote from Elder Russell Ballard: “There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood”.  Awe Delight was created by a mother to help make life easier for mothers.  The diaper bag is our first product, designed to be very practical, functional and affordable without compromising style.  The name Awe Delight is meant to encapsulate awesome products that delight you.     

Everything we do is born out of love.  Our products embody love and we hope you feel that love!

Last but not least, your purchase is helping others in a huge way.  20% of your purchase is going toward helping impoverished women rise out of poverty through a nonprofit called Rise and Bless (http://riseandbless.org).  

We thank you for your business.

Dr. Assana Gampine